Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden!!!

So, it is a little overdue but I have finally found time to write about hayden's 1st birthday. It was March 21st and wonderful. He had such a great time. A ton of people showed up, probably had about 55 counting kids so I was scared that he was going to be a little overwhelmed with all of those people in his house. But he did great. His cake turned out wonderful. Cakes by Mom and Me made it and they even made a small smash cake for him that matched. He really liked the cake and of course, had it all over himself.

Then it was present time. HE LOVED IT!!! He got right in the middle of things and just ripped open the paper and had a blast. He played with every single toy I opened. It was really cool to see him so interested in it.

I have posted a few pics so you can see what a wonderful day it was. It is so hard to believe it has already been a year. It is so wonderful being parents and getting to enjoy these moments with our little man.
The Cake
The Candy Bar
Looking At All The Gifts
Eating Cake
Opening Presents
Opening Presents
Hayden and Momma

Banner Above Fireplace
Decorations in Entry Hall
Watching Daddy Work on the New Lawnmower
Mowing the yard - He smiles now but probably won't be smiling when he is a teenager and that is his job around the house. : )

The Happy Family
This New Face That Hayden Makes At Us

Friday, February 13, 2009

Poor Baby Hayden

Well - we have our first major boo-boo. Craig and Hayden were playing upstairs on Wednesday night. Hayden got a little fussy b.c he was getting tired so Craig decided to bring him downstairs. Craig slipped and fell on about the second step from the top and he and Hayden fell all the way down the stairs. Hayden bumped his head on the wrought iron railing but Craig managed to keep him tucked in tight. He had a bump on his head so we went to the emergency room. When we got there, he was perfectly fine and the bump was going away so we left. Then yesterday morning when we got up, Hayden wouldn't put any weight on his left leg. After a full day of going to doctor's office, we found out that Hayden broke his leg. It is a small fracture where his shin bone meets his ankle. They said it is the most common injury they see at this age and in this type of situation since the parent is typically gripping this area of the leg to protect the fall. He had to be put in a cast (as you can see). He will have to wear it for 3 weeks, bless his little heart.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hayden's First Snow

Hayden got to play in his first snow. He didn't really know what to think but he appeased his momma by letting me take a few pictures. He tried to eat some of it - not suprisingly, since EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING goes into his mouth these days. : ) Below are a few more pics. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Christmas

Hayden's first Christmas was a success. I resisted the urge to buy him everything I saw throughout the month of December. He really only wants what mommy and daddy have anyways. He really enjoyed a few of his gifts and is starting to play with them more and more. He loved unwrapping the boxes and thinks paper is one of the greatest things ever. I have posted some pics of him unwrapping his gifts and spending time with the family. One of my favorites is him kissing his 2 year old cousin. They were all sitting in the floor and he just reached over and grabbed his face and planted a big kiss on him. It was great. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.
Opening his first present
Kissing cousin Braden
Kissing cousin Braden
Playing with his tractor
Loving my Pawpaw
Happy Boy!!
In the middle of everything!!!
Playing with his new toys
Playing with his new toys

Friday, November 28, 2008

First Thanksgiving

Hayden has now had his First Thanksgiving!!! He did pretty well considering how many places we went. We first went to Mamaws. He had a good time there, crawled non-stop!!! He got hot so we took his pants off first, and then his shirt so he ended up spending most of his time at Mamaw's in a diaper (as you can see from the pics). He is really liking the camera a lot now. Smiles NON-STOP when he sees it. But then again, he is a happy boy anyways. He will get to pick out his first Christmas tree this weekend. We will see how that goes!! Hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving and hope to see you sometime throughout the holidays.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hayden is crawling!!!

Hayden is 8 months old now!!!! Our little man has made a lot of progress over the past month. He is regularly saying ma ma and da da. Here lately he is waving and occasionally will pair that with a ba-ba. It is really cute. Plus - last week he started crawling!!! It was a bittersweet moment. I am so excited to see him progressing and getting mobile, but then again, that means he is growing up too quickly and I now have more work cut out for me chasing him around!!! : ) He now has 2 teeth on the bottom and the top. His side top teeth have come in first so he has a vampire appearance if you see him smile really big. It is really cute. He is in full-blown momma mode. I am all he wants these days. It is great, sometimes overwhelming, but great!!

I have posted a few pics. We are going to take him to get his Christmas picture made this weekend or sometime next week. I will post the pics once we get them. I am sure there will be several new posts to come soon since we will be so busy with the upcoming holidays!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hayden's First Trip to the Zoo

So this past weekend was Hayden's first trip to the Memphis Zoo. I know it probably seems kind of late to be doing his FIRST trip but it was so hot this summer and we thought he was probably still too young. This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL so we decided to go. We made the mistake of not checking to see if anything was going on before we left. Turns out it was City of Memphis Appreciation Day so it was very crowded. Hayden liked all of the commotion but didn't really pay a whole lot of attention to the animals. Why look at a Giraffe that is 100' away when he has 20 people standing next to him that are making all kinds of noise and commotion. : ) Plus, all of the fencing was made of bamboo stalks - which just really amazed Hayden. We would have a huge elephant in front of us and all he wanted to do was play with the fencing (see picture). We finally sparked his interest when we went into the aquarium. It wasn't very crowded in there and he really liked the giant sea turtle. Then to top off the day, we went to the Once Upon A Farm section where he was able to get up close to the animals. That is when he got a little more excited and started reaching for the sheep and pigs. All and all it was a fun day and I know that it will be a great place to visit in the future when he gets a little bit older.